When Elves Attack

Serge and Coleman are back with all the gang in Tim Dorsey‘s new Christmas story When Elves Attack. Our favorite anti-hero decides it’s time to celebrate the holidays in a big way and recruits City and Country to help out. With G-Unit along for the ride, you know there’s going to be plenty of sparkle. Unfortunately, all these old characters make When Elves Attack a poor choice for newcomers to the Serge mythos. They’ll be completely lost. Of course, there’s lots of mayhem as Serge deals with bad guys, Grinches and naughty elves using his own special style. Along the way, he helps the Davenports (Jim and Martha) handle some family crises and defends them from thugs with pain in mind. He even guides their daughter Nicole through teenage angst and the pitfalls of young love.

Many people believe Serge is a psychotic serial killer, but in reality he’s so much more. He’s our collective id, doing battle with 21st century evil and stupidity. Serge is, dare I say it, a new Dark Knight with Coleman as his (literally) dopey Boy Wonder. He’s also one of the great philosophers and commentators of our time.

“But why are we wearing elf suits?”

“To spread good cheer.”

“What for?”

“Because of the War on Christmas.”

“Who started the war?” asked Coleman.

“Ironically, the very people who coined the term and claim others started the war. They’re upset that people of different faiths, along with the coexistence crowd who respect those faiths, are saying ‘Seasons Greetings’ and ‘Happy Holidays.’ But nobody’s stopping anyone from saying ‘Merry Christmas.'”

“And they’re still mad?”

Serge shrugged. “It’s the new holiness: Tolerance can’t be tolerated.”

Forget what I said earlier. Read the book even if you’ve never read any of Dorsey’s others. Sure, you’ll be confused, but that’s a common state in Dorseyland. Despite your confusion, you’ll discover a great series with quirky, enjoyable characters and wonderful plots, and you’ll love the ride.

Season’s greetings, merry Christmas, and happy holidays.