The World As We Know It

Ed and Allard save a new neighbor from drowning after she falls thru the Baker River near their New Hampshire home.  This sets up a lifetime of friendship for her family and the boys’ family.  The three grow up together with an inseparable bond.  The youngsters plan to start  “Baker River Productions”, a wildlife media studio.  Allard and Sarah get engaged and plan a wedding after college, but a week before the wedding, Ed and Allard go camping for Allard’s last fling beofre tying the knot.  On the return trip from the camp, Ed meets up with an accident and is stuck under a boulder.  Allard goes for help, but by the time he gets back, Ed has succumbed to hypothermia.  Unable to deal with his guilt, Allard disappears and then starts working with various production companies in the Northwest.

A few years later, Sarah signs on for the same project as Allard.  They end up working together to film some narwhals, whales with a unicorn tusk.  Sarah has a hard time forgiving Allard for abandoning her and they talk a lot about why.  Since Sarah is already engaged to another man, Allard must work hard to win her back.

Will Allard be able to win back his first and only love?  Read the book and see.