Lisette’s List by Susan Vreeland

Lisette’s List Book Cover Lisette’s List
Susan Vreeland
Random House

Lisette and her husband Andre move from Paris to Provence just before WWII to take care of Andre’s aging grandfather, Pascal. There they discover that Pascal owns seven masterpiece paintings. Nazi Germany has a reputation of either confiscating or destroying artwork, so Andre hides the pieces to protect them. Lisette, all alone now with Andre killed during the war and Pascal having died right before the war started, must find the missing art.

Dealing with her grief, loneliness, and the hardships of war is difficult for Lisette. But thinking about the artwork of Cezanne, Pisarro, and Picasso helps her to learn more about herself and the Provence countryside she is in which she is exiled. She also meets the artist Marc Chagall and learns more about the world of art that she yearns for.

After the war, Lisette looks for the missing paintings. Discovering where they are hidden also helps her to discover more about friendship and eventually, love.

Reading this book was like looking into an impressionist painting and discovering for oneself what the artist was trying to say. A painting can speak to each person in a different way. In like fashion, a book can speak to the reader in different ways. That’s what makes book discussion groups so much fun! We learn of different relationships between author and reader and maybe see things is a new light.


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