Total Control by David Baldacci

This is a fast moving story of intrigue. It begins by featuring a young couple living in Washington, D.C. who are raising a young daughter doing o.k. financially, but struggling. Then the husband, Jason Archer, gets involved in a secret scheme that he hopes will help his family financially. He tells his wife that he is flying to Los Angeles to check out a company to see if he would like to work there. Then while in a meeting at work she finds out that the plane heading to Los Angeles crashed. Soon the FBI find out that the airplane was sabotaged. In addition to the 200 or so people on the plane was the chairman of the Federal Reserve. Also as Sidney Archer is grieving her husband, she gets a phone from her husband. He just says a few words and then hangs up. Then the intrigue begins. The FBI want to find out who sabotaged the plane, and was Jason Archer involved. It was an interesting and thought provoking book.