The River of Doubt: Theodore Roosevelt’s Darkest Journey

Ms. Millard chronicles Theodore Roosevelt’s exploration down the River of Doubt, a tributary of the Amazon River in Brazil. After he lost the presidential election in 1912, Roosevelt was ready for an adventure. Along with his son Kermit, Brazil’s most famous explorer, Candido Mariano da Silva Rondon, and a crew of Brazilian men called camaradas. Roosevelt and the crew faced hardships that they could only have imagined. Among their challenges were incredible whitewater rapids, malaria, enduring starvation, and the threat of Indian attacks. They lost three men during the expedition. One man drowned, one was murdered, and the murderer was abandoned in the jungle. Roosevelt was brought to the brink of suicide when he was weak and sick from malaria. This is an exciting book about an amazing American’s final daring adventure. I highly recommend it.


Noah’s Compass by Ann Tyler

This is the story of Liam Pennywell, a 60 year-ol man who just lost his job due to downsizing at his school. He moves to a smaller apartment and downsizes his life as well. On his first night at the new apartment there is a break-in, and he wakes up in a hospital with a concussion and no memory of the event. He becomes obsessed with trying to remember it. He meets a woman who is a caregiver to an old man and develops a relationship with her. Also in Liam’s life are his three daughters, his ex-wife, and a father and stepmother. Two of Liam’s daughters are grown, and one is a teenager. This is an interesting look at a family dynamic and relationships, but I wish Liam could be more engaged in life.


Announcing a New Book Group – Beyond Imagination!

Here at the library, we’re happy to announce the start of a new book discussion group. Beyond Imagination is dedicated to the enjoyment and discussion of science fiction, fantasy, and other speculative fiction. The group will meet the second Thursday of every month at 7PM in the library’s Small Meeting Room. We’ve got a great selection of books for January through May of 2013, and will be adding more shortly.

Our first meeting, on January 10, will be about Neil Gaiman’s Stardust. If you’ve read the book, we hope you’ll join us. If you haven’t but want to, we have copies available here at the library. Even if you don’t read Stardust, but are interested in speculative fiction, come by and find out what we’re about!