Caleb’s Crossing

Ths is the library Brown Bag and a Book selection for June.  I don’t want to give away the story, but I will say I enjoyed the book very much once I got past the language of 17th century Puritan community.  Some of the words are archaic and only by reading and using context clues can you figure out the story.

Told by Bethia Mayfield, the daughter of the minister on a remote island, the story is both heartening and tragic.  I imagine that is what life was about in the first few years of an established colony.  Bethia is not the typical daughter of a colonist.  She longs for an education equal to her brother’s, but women are not educated equal to the men in that era.  Also, the author delves into Native American and colonists’ relationships, educating the Native American boys, converting the Native Americans to Christianity, and the rights of the women in the colony.

An interesting book, to say the least.


The World As We Know It

Ed and Allard save a new neighbor from drowning after she falls thru the Baker River near their New Hampshire home.  This sets up a lifetime of friendship for her family and the boys’ family.  The three grow up together with an inseparable bond.  The youngsters plan to start  “Baker River Productions”, a wildlife media studio.  Allard and Sarah get engaged and plan a wedding after college, but a week before the wedding, Ed and Allard go camping for Allard’s last fling beofre tying the knot.  On the return trip from the camp, Ed meets up with an accident and is stuck under a boulder.  Allard goes for help, but by the time he gets back, Ed has succumbed to hypothermia.  Unable to deal with his guilt, Allard disappears and then starts working with various production companies in the Northwest.

A few years later, Sarah signs on for the same project as Allard.  They end up working together to film some narwhals, whales with a unicorn tusk.  Sarah has a hard time forgiving Allard for abandoning her and they talk a lot about why.  Since Sarah is already engaged to another man, Allard must work hard to win her back.

Will Allard be able to win back his first and only love?  Read the book and see.


The Call

This is the story of a family in the northeast, the father, David, is a vet, the mother, Sarah, is a stay at home mom, Sam is the older child and his sister, Mia, is the baby of the family.  The family has a normal life, the dad answers vet calls from home.  One day he and Sam decide to go hunting, and an unknown person accidently shoots Sam, who falls from the tree and hits his head.  Sam falls into a coma.  The family gathers round him for a log vigil.  The police can not find any clues to who fired on Sam, but awhile after the incident, the family begins to get calls where the caller will not say anything when they answer.  The family slowly begins to become unhinged as David imagines that every person he meets is the gunman.  He also begins to imagine that a spaceship comes at night and only he can see it.

One day, Sam wakes up from his coma but even he has no clue who shot him.  A few weeks later a stranger comes to the door.  David imagines it must be the shooter, but it turns out to be his a son he did not know he had. (He became a sperm donor in college, to pay the bills).  The son tries to help David find the gunman, but can only guess who it mught be.  Then the son, Mark, asks something of David, that he can hardly believe and it turns the family on its end.  Mark needs his father’s kidney to get off dialysis.  Sarah is greatly opposed to the idea, so one day DAvid just slips away and goes to the hospital and donates his kidney.

Will the family ever find out who shot Sam or ever be the same after David’s donation?  Read and see.