Weird Sisters

This was a fairly good book about 3 sisters, Cordy, Rose and Bianca, and their parents.  Their mom has cancer and their dad is a professor of Shakespeare at the local university.  They have grown up immersed in Shakespeare lore since they were tiny babies.  After leaving home to be on their own, Bianca “Bean” and Cordy return at the same time when their mother is diagnosed.

Each sister has her own problems to solve, besides trying to help their parents cope with Mom’s cancer.  Rose can’t decide if she wants to marry her fiance and move to England or not.  Bianca embezzled some money form the company she worked for and also owes others.  Cordy has a hippy lifestyle and comes home pregnant.  While they care for their mother, they must solve their own problems.  The problem is that as they said in the book, “We love each other as sisters, but we don’t like each other.”  Secrets are kept between them and somehow they must learn how to straighten out their lives.

Can they learn to help each other solve their problems and become more close to each other?  Read the book and see.